Pazzanistraat 33,
amsterdam, 1014 DB

Vegan Food Festival | Amsterdam 2018

zaterdag, 07 juli 2018 12:00 pm - zondag, 08 juli 2018 12:00 pm

Vegan festival

‣ more than 40 local ánd international food stands. 
‣ multiple seminars about livin' the Green life ánd the future.
‣ cosy movie nights with educative documentaries. 
‣ live music played by superstar artists!

? Sounds like a plan? Well actually it’s more like an adventure. Green news spreads like wildfire. So hit ATTEND and do believe the HYPE or end up watching our festival back in your social timeline. We would rather see you there!

? All your friends can be there too, if you tell them on time and if not? Make some new ones with our likeminded Vegan crowd ;-)
Feel welcome to visit for FREE, it’s for all ages and everybody!

? Sign up to join us, tell your friends to join too, hit the 'ATTEND/AANWEZIG' button and get ready for the full VEGAN experience. We’ll make sure you’ll get the details very soon!

Groen.Duurzaam facebook agenda

Groen.Duurzaam facebook

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